Episode 376- Why So Moreau?


“The Island of Dr. Moreau” has all the appeal of a modern day sci-fi horror story, complete with genetic manipulation and societal undertones… and yet it has been adapted for the Hollywood screen (officially) only 3 times: 1932, 1977, and the notorious all-star 1996 train wreck starring Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer (itself the focus of a new documentary Lost Souls). Join Tony and Doug as they examine the history of Moreau on screen (including the aforementioned doc)- a classic story finally getting its due on the Horror Etc Podcast!

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Episode 375- Summer of Horror ’15


Welcome all to our Summer of Horror spectacular! In truth, we really just took the opportunity to talk at length about the terrific It Follows from promising new director David Robert Mitchell. A visual feast that harkens to material we have praised in the past including Stoker, Drag Me To Hell, The Guest, Only God Forgives and more – the positive comments are somewhat backed up by a surface analysis that demonstrates the amount of audience investment this film calls for. Continue reading

Episode 374- Christopher Lee (in memorium)


Last month we lost the elder statesman of horror films following a prolific career as an actor, singer, and all-around renaissance man, but the screen legend’s personal life before his ascent to celluloid icon may perhaps be the most fascinating of all chapters of his life. Please join us in a brief celebration of the life and legacy of a great figure of classic horror. It’s been a lengthy hiatus so we appreciate all of you who have remained subscribed to the podcast and all of the kind words sent our way.

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Episode 372- Barbara Steele: The Dame of Gothic Horror


With her mysterious smoky eyes, aquiline features and distinct diction, Barbara Steele was the reigning first woman of gothic horror cinema throughout the 1960s. From her first outing on the subject – Mario Bava’s definitive Black Sunday – to her most recent headlining triumph in The Butterfly Room, Barbara Steele brings a timeless (and sinister) combination of beauty, elegance and intelligence to her portrayals of witches, vixens, demented murderesses and damsels in distress… Barry Yuen joins Tony for this retrospective of true genre legend.

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Episode 370- Canadian Serial Killers


On the heels of our recent Serial Killers episode we chose to revisit the subject by drilling down to one specific aspect of the big picture – the most deadly Canadian serial killers. As a means of demonstrating the universal existence of the serial killer regardless of nationality, ethnicity, race or creed, we compiled a list of 10 (or 11) of the most heinous villains our country has produced. Continue reading

Episode 369- Christmas Spectacular ’14


Ho Ho Hobbit? Welcome to another installment of our annual Christmas themed episode of the podcast, as in previous years your festive hosts have chosen a yuletide film or two to kick off the celebrations… This year, a dear listener of the podcast sent us a film that has developed its own cult following since it was made almost 2 decades ago – ever seen Vendetta: A Christmas Story? You probably haven’t, and we think you should! Continue reading

Episode 368- Whats Under The Bed


Do you hear that strange scratching noise coming from under the bed? Is it a mouse, or something more insidious…? Furthermore, the slightly open closet looks ever so darker tonight …and what about that creepy clown from the traveling circus with the evil grin and the cold eyes? You could have sworn you saw a strange silhouette holding a bushel of balloons just dart behind that tree that looks across from your bedroom window… It’s not easy being a kid with an active imagination, and we all seem to have childhood fears that never seem to really let go of our psyches as we get older. Continue reading

Episode 367- What We’ve Been Watching 12


It was almost a theme which emerged from some recent watches. Despite the various descriptive terms that could be applied to two of the films discussed this week (southern gothic, retro homage, etc), the truth is the latest from director Adam Wingard in The Guest made a decent pairing with Jim Mickle’s Cold In July. We have found ourselves following the filmography of each filmmaker and their new offerings did not disappoint. Continue reading

Episode 365- Coffee and Calendars


Welcome to a mid-week minisode. As the week has slipped by us, we had to forego our planned episode in favour of a brief chat to cover some random topics and share a little listener feedback. We open the episode with our final callout for orders of the Horroretc calendar before covering a few of Anthony’s recent escapades and some thoughts on current trailers. Continue reading

Episode 364- Still Scared


To prove we didn’t get too hung up on the pessimism of last week’s discussion, we celebrate the power of the genre we love this week. We revisit the potential of horror to make the hairs on our neck stand on edge and send rippling chills through our souls. Following a request we received from members of the facebook group community to integrate discussions into the podcast, we found a wonderful synergy with our topic of films that had the power to truly scare us. Continue reading

Episode 363- We Have A Talking Point


We Have A Talking Point… (and then some! ) It’s a welcome return to the Horror Etc Podcast for our perennial hosts from the NEW studio Tony! (that makes studio #6 in 7 years). After several weeks of individually running madly off in all directions, Ted and Tony finally get together to catch-up on recent watches (including a lengthy conversation on Chris Nolan’s latest offering “Interstellar”, “Ouija” and “Soulmate” and Ted’s completion of the LOST rewatch), before moving on to a more important and interesting discourse on the state of the horror film, inspired by a fascinating online video-essay we came across. Continue reading

Episode 362- Hammer Dracula


Tony & Doug get Hammered with Count Dracula It’s the King of the Vampires, English-style this week on the Horror Etc Podcast! In their second installment looking back at the defining franchises of the Hammer era, Tony and Doug discuss the 8 (7.5?) Dracula films produced by the iconic studio between 1958 and 1974, titles which made international stars of Peter Cushing and the reluctant Christopher Lee. Continue reading

Episode 361- Christopher Lee


Welcome to our long overdue spotlight on the career of genre icon Christopher Lee. We have long praised the filmography of Lee spanning an amazing 68 years to date, so it was high time we sat down and talked about why. Although a very different persona from his much warner contemporary Peter Cushing, there is no denying he is a true talent and a scholar of his craft. Continue reading

Episode 358- Back to the 80’s: 1985


The gull wing door is open and you are invited to climb into the DeLorean with us as we travel back in time to the 80’s once again – this time we’re stopping in 1985 to revisit the year’s horror films offerings. This is our third episode revisiting the distinctive output of the 1980’s: 1987, 1981 and now 1985, thanks to our random selection process. Continue reading

Episode 357- The Impromptu Show


Welcome back for another episode of off-the-cuff chicanery. We postponed our planned subject this week to acknowledge the death of Robin Williams and consider his contributions to darker cinema and beyond. While difficult, we managed to segue straight to James Brown!? In the wake of yet another biopic, we paused the proceedings to insert a schlock corner featuring a difficult interview with James Brown under the influence of… something. Continue reading

Episode 356- Jaws Commentary


One download of this episode and you get the head, the tail, the whole damn thing. That’s right, we are setting sail for Amity Island to face off with nature’s purest predator, an over-sized Great White with a vendetta against those who hunt it. To celebrate shark week we recorded a feature length commentary track to the 1975 classic Jaws – a personal favourite of all three of your hosts. Continue reading

Episode 353- Sapphire & Steel


“The Series That Time Forgot?” It may be the ultimate cult series that you’ve never heard of: X-Files meets Dr. Who with a sprinkling of Dark Shadows to boot. Courtesy of our good friend and Irish correspondent, John, this week Horror Etc delves back into the case files of Sapphire & Steel – the ITV series which starred David McCallum and Bond girl / Ab Fab star Joanna Lumley as interdimensional operatives saving humanity from… time! Continue reading

Episode 352- Death Knocks


“None of us are getting out of here alive”. Death… mankind’s ultimate and inescapable destination. As a means to facilitate a conversation about the concept of death itself and the inherent fears that are conveyed to the audience or reader of fictional works dealing with the subject, we constructed a basic idea: fave death scenes. Continue reading

Episode 351- Game of Thrones (season 4)


The Game of Thrones plays on as season 4 wrapped up just a few short weeks ago. Before the Feast and the Dance can begin we must delve into HBO’s offering this year to discuss the key storylines and weigh the whole of the series to date. A brief word about spoilers and books: The entirety of this episode carries an open door policy on spoilers to date for the show. Continue reading

Episode 349- Post Show Pints 3- Under The Skin


We’re on the road again this week for another episode brought to you live on location. Join us this time for a conversation had in the immediate aftermath of viewing a trippy new film experience from Jonathan Glazer – Under The Skin. After a long festival tour, this intriguing piece features an alien in the guise of Scarlett Johannson adapting to and preying upon… mankind. It’s difficult to describe in just a few words here so best to tune in and pull a seat up at the pub with us. Continue reading

Episode 348- Contacting the Other Side of El Topo


Listen… did you hear it? Our voices are hopefully much easier to make out than the typical EVP recording. This week we chat once again about our unending fascination with the possibilities of otherworldly existence. The show goes on location to Kingston’s very own abandoned asylum to wander the grounds and talk about the possibilities of supernatural encounters and specifically about Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP recordings. Continue reading

Episode 347- State of the Vampire Film


Vampires- the most overused character in the horror genre? Certainly there has been an overabundance of the romantic presentation of vampires recently across all mediums, but the question we pose this week is whether there is still room to teel interesting stories featuring bloodsuckers. Since there has been such a wealth of material produced through history we avoided drilling down into lists of films that represent the “traditional” versus “non-traditional” vampire, but rather discussed the subgenre as a whole and what our preferred approaches are. Continue reading

Episode 346- Godzilla vs Connecticut


Half reptile, half beast! The end of the world is nigh!! Breather of fire and leveller of cities!! It’s… Bill Bossert? That’s right, kids – Uncle Billy Bossert is back on the Horror Etc podcast, when Tony heads on a roadtrip down to Connecticut (USA) to catch Godzilla with his producer, friend and long-time listener of this program. Continue reading

Episode 345- From The Hip XXIX


What we classify as From The Hip style episodes are shows where the conversation ends up going places we didn’t expect or plan for. When your hosts bumped into each other randomly going about our day, we pulled out the always handy mic and sat down to chat resulting in two unrelated segments based on what we’ve been watching and thinking about. After some early discussion of our appreciation of the drive-in experience, we got to our thoughts on the Amazing Spiderman 2 and ended up talking about the broad subject of how comic book movies have evolved in recent years and the pros and cons of ‘disposable’ blockbusters. Continue reading

Episode 344- Modern Hammer


Don’t call Tony and Ted “The Quiet Ones”! This week, we are chatty as ever as we catch up with the newest offering from the newest incarnation of England’s famed Hammer Studios. Now that the studio has delivered a sufficient filmography to evaluate their progress, we take a look at the background of the brand’s relaunch and our observations on what the projects they have undertaken have offered. Continue reading

Episode 343- From The Hip (TPB edition)


Welcome, welcome to a classic From The Hip format episode. After several weeks apart Ted and Tony used the podcast recording as an excuse to just have a chat session about the various things we’ve been up to and watching. The details of individual titles are pretty vague as the format intended – just some flicks we’ve caught. Of course, turning on the mic mere moments after walking out of the latest Trailer Park Boys big screen feature didn’t help things – your hosts got into the spirit of things and the loose discussion reflects it. Continue reading

Episode 341- Coming Back To Life


After an unfortunate delay, we are back for another quick hello to catch up over coffee and discuss recent travels and a near fatal illness. This episode is brief to be sure but we did manage to talk some big screen outings including Captain America Winter Soldier and Grand Budapest Hotel. As Tony recently discovered Wes Anderson we talk a little about the auteur director’s style and debate whether he is in fact one of the best directors of all time? Continue reading

Episode 340- True Detective


“I think human consciousness, is a tragic misstep in evolution. We became too self-aware, nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself, we are creatures that should not exist by natural law. We are things that labor under the illusion of having a self; an accretion of sensory, experience and feeling, programmed with total assurance that we are each somebody, when in fact everybody is nobody. Maybe the honorable thing for our species to do is deny our programming, stop reproducing, walk hand in hand into extinction, one last midnight, brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal.” Continue reading

Episode 339- Terror in Monochrome 2


This week we return to the subject of Black and White presentations in film. We have long professed our appreciation for the “classics” of the genre and dedicated many episodes in the past to some of our favourite series including the Universal era, silent era, the films of Val Lewton, etc. This time out we are re-visiting the approach of monochrome presentation in a more general way. Things begin with a simple statement of admiration for the unique aspects of monochrome, the ways and means by which mood and texture can be created through the use of light and shading. Continue reading

Episode 337- Just a Quick Hello


So it’s been one of those weeks. We wanted to put something substantial together for an episode but time constraints left us able to only put down a regular From The Hip format catch-up. We called it a quick hello. That’s not to say it didn’t turn out to be a fun conversation (Anthony gave us a classic bit of business with his ‘old man mistakes a sex toy for a flashlight’ routine). Continue reading

Episode 336- Fit For Bedlam


That’s it- your wacky Horror Etc co-hosts have finally gone ’round the bend’, and are heading to the asylum… was there ever any doubt? On this week’s episode of the podcast, Ted and Tony approach the subject of what it is that attracts horror film makers and ghost story enthusiasts to the crumbling structures of forgotten asylums. Continue reading